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Israeli ground forces launch significant incursion into Gaza strip

Escalating military operation aims to target Hamas positions in crowded Palestinian enclave


Israeli ground forces carried out a "relatively large incursion" into the Gaza Strip overnight, in the first official admission by Israeli security forces of a tank raid inside the Gaza Strip.

As reported by Israeli Military Radio this morning, this is the largest incursion to date since the start of hostilities on 7 October.

It was explained that the aim of this operation was to hit Hamas positions.

It will be recalled that Israel announced from the first 24 hours of hostilities a land attack on this small and crowded Palestinian enclave, even ordering the Palestinians to evacuate its northern sector.

However, although a large number of ground forces have been deployed on the Gaza border and the army, according to a statement, is awaiting a political order to launch the operation, the invasion has been delayed.

As the Wall Street Journal revealed yesterday, citing US and Israeli officials, Israel has agreed to delay its ground operation in the Gaza Strip for the time being so that the United States has time to send anti-missile systems into the area.

In its planning, Israel is also taking into account the effort to send humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians, as well as diplomatic efforts to free hostages held by Hamas, according to the report.

As for the objectives of the ground offensive, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galad has said that the army's campaign in Gaza "may last a month, two or three, but in the end there will be no more Hamas."

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