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Japanese city on high alert for toxic cat

Fukuyama residents warned not to approach a cat that was exposed to hazardous chemicals


Residents in Fukuyama, Japan, are on high alert after a cat went missing following a potentially hazardous encounter with toxic chemicals. The ordeal unfolded at a metal plating plant, where an employee discovered a trail of paw prints leading away from a container of hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.

Authorities have issued warnings urging people to avoid approaching or touching the missing feline, as contact with the chemical can cause severe skin inflammation and respiratory issues. Security footage captured the cat leaving the factory, but the exact circumstances of its exposure remain unclear.

Nomura Plating Fukuyama Factory, where the incident occurred, immediately notified authorities and neighboring residents. They suspect that part of a covering sheet over the chemical tank may have been disturbed, allowing the cat access.

Efforts to locate the cat have been unsuccessful thus far, prompting concerns about its well-being. Environmental officials fear that the animal may have succumbed to the poisonous substance.

As the search continues, locals have been advised to report any sightings of the cat and to exercise caution if encountered, emphasizing the potential danger posed by its exposure to the toxic chemicals.

Source: The Guardian

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