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Karoyan's visit to Armenia sparks hope for relocation

Cyprus to welcome Armenians


Marios Karoyan, the leader of the Democratic Party (DIPA), embarked on a diplomatic mission to Armenia aimed at strengthening ties and facilitating discussions with key officials. The primary objective of his visit is to discuss the Republic of Cyprus' willingness to provide support and assistance to Armenians seeking to relocate to Cyprus.

According to our sources, Mr. Karoyan's visit to Armenia is part of a broader diplomatic effort to foster closer relations between the two nations. During his stay, he is scheduled to meet with high-ranking Armenian officials to convey Cyprus's eagerness to welcome Armenian citizens to its shores and provide them with the necessary facilities for relocation.

The initiative put forth by the leader of DIPA has garnered positive feedback from various quarters. Notably, leader Nikos Christodoulides of the Republic of Cyprus has endorsed this endeavor, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation and humanitarian support during these times.

The discussions between leader Karoyan and Armenian officials are expected to touch upon various aspects of this proposed cooperation, including immigration procedures, integration, and the potential benefits for both nations.

This diplomatic mission signifies Cyprus's commitment to fostering global partnerships and its dedication to providing a new home for those seeking refuge and a fresh start. As the meetings progress, further details are anticipated to emerge, shedding light on the specifics of this collaborative effort.

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