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Kurd wanted in Germany makes bail in Cyprus

Supporters scrape together enough to secure the release of Cerkez Korkmaz until Monday’s hearing


A Kurdish man wanted by German authorities on terrorism-related charges has been released on bail in the Republic of Cyprus, after supporters scraped together enough cash on Friday.

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The delays in the extradition process were accompanied with reports in the media about old cases described as 'embarrassing' for the Republic

Cerkez Korkmaz, who was arrested on March 21 at Larnaca International Airport based on an international arrest warrant issued by German authorities, made bail on Friday morning as he is facing an extradition hearing next week.

According to local media, the Kurdish activist made bail after supporters paid €30,000 in cash, while a bail bond worth €80,000 was also cosigned by two businessmen, one described as Cypriot and another said to be Kurdish.

The defence team during the 60-year-old Kurdish activist’s extradition hearing had previously raised a number of legal issues, including the question whether prosecution authorities in Hamburg had the authority to sign an international extradition request related to terrorism charges. Korkmaz was set free and was re-arrested immediately earlier this week in order for a new warrant to take effect, which was signed by federal prosecutors in Germany.

The delays in the extradition process were accompanied with reports in the media regarding previous cases described as embarrassing for the Republic.  

The extradition hearing is scheduled for Monday, June 10.

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