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Larnaca gearing up with flood prevention systems

This year saw the creation of four meteorological stations in Larnaca for faster detection of incoming extreme weather phenomena, as well as a new pumping station and storm sewerage system


Four meteorological stations were set up in Larnaca this year for better monitoring of the weather, allowing for more effective flood prevention.

The director of the Larnaca sewerage council Angelos Hadjicharalambous told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday that the stations were placed into operation at the end of September, and “will monitor the weather conditions and will inform a special team that has been formed to deal with possible extreme phenomena.”

He added that "based on the information from the meteorological stations, the municipality of Larnaca and the Larnaca sewerage council will have a period of thirty minutes to warn the citizens in order to take timely protective measures in the event of extreme weather events.”

Hadjicharalambous said that upon the detection of any impending extreme weather phenomena, crews of both the Larnaca municipality and the sewerage council will be activated.

Also joining the fight against flooding in Larnaca is the S8 rainwater pumping station that was placed into operation in October, Hadjicharalambous said, in parallel with the construction of a small area storm sewerage system east of Alexandrou Panagouli avenue and north of Spyrou Kyprianou avenue in Larnaca, a project that amounted to €1.3 million euros.

Hadjicharalambous said the particular area has presented serious flooding problems every winter, noting that significant improvements are expected with the operation of the S8 pumping station.

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