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PCR deadline at roadblocks pushed back

Government pushes back deadline for another day to allow more people to get tested


The health ministry in the Republic of Cyprus has pushed back the deadline for enforcing PCR result inspections at roadblocks, giving people affected by Paphos and Limassol lockdowns more time to get tested.

According to local media, the health ministry extended the deadline for CPR certificates from Wednesday to Thursday, November 19, citing a lot of interest from citizens who wished to get tested in order to travel through roadblocks under an exception category, such as essential work or a medical event.

Reports of long lines to get tested preceded the announcement, with local media saying some labs were not even testing throughout the whole day. PCR test results can be valid for seven days according to officials.

Many citizens wished to get tested in order to travel through roadblocks under an exception category, such as essential work or a medical event

Delays also took place when roadblocks were initially scheduled to begin last Thursday, but police officers and soldiers backed off another day to give people more time to get documents they may wish to show as proof of legitimate travel during a roadblock inspection.

Additional issues with roadblocks, such as confusion, complaints, and bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway, were later solved after police decided to carry out randomized inspections during peak hours, with Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis stepping in to assume political responsibility over the decision.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou has issued an executive order, effectively imposing lockdowns for the districts of Limassol and Paphos in an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus in Cyprus.

In addition to island-wide measures including night curfews through November 30, Limassol and Paphos saw stricter measures including a ban on movement of persons to and from the two districts, including between Limassol and Paphos, except for those working in essential services, traveling for a medical incident, or air and sea passengers in transit.

Demonstrators against lockdown measures in Limassol took to the streets over the weekend, resulting to several arrests after hard core protesters caused chaos by throwing rocks at police, setting trash cans on fire, and throwing gasoline bombs.

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