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Larnaca: Humanitarian aid sets sail for Gaza this afternoon

Amalthea Project advances as Cyprus sends aid ship, USS 'Gen. Frank S. Besson' en route for Gaza support


This afternoon, a vessel carrying a floating platform loaded with humanitarian aid is expected to depart from the port of Larnaca towards Gaza as part of the "Amalthea" humanitarian corridor.

According to information from CNA, the ship, already loaded with approximately 150 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, is set to leave this afternoon, pending Israel's approval. The departure time will not be disclosed for security reasons, and the journey to Gaza is anticipated to take up to two days.

It is worth noting that the special vessel will transport the floating platform "MMS ARIS," loaded with humanitarian aid. Additionally, the United States Army's general support ship, the "Gen. Frank S. Besson" (LSV-1), has departed from the Langley-Justis base in Virginia, USA, heading to the Eastern Mediterranean. Its mission is to enhance the maritime campaign for providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

The mentioned vessel serves as logistical support for units, ensuring they have the necessary supplies to operate away from land bases. Departing less than 36 hours after President Biden's announcement of sea-based humanitarian aid to Gaza, the ship carries equipment for the construction of a temporary pier to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged Palestinian enclave.

[Information from CNA]

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