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Cyprus bridges East and West as Amalthea project gets under way

Apostolos Tomaras unveils the Gaza maritime humanitarian aid corridor, showcasing Cyprus's crucial role as a humanitarian hub and paving the way to vital aid to Palestinians


Apostolos Tomaras' recent article in Kathimerini's printed Sunday edition details the establishment of the Gaza Maritime Humanitarian Aid Corridor, naming Cyprus as a pivotal player in providing aid to the Palestinians. "Amalthea," the humanitarian aid project, involves collaboration between the European Commission, the Republic of Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The operation is based in the port of Larnaca, from which international aid will be shipped to Gaza. The first shipment, organized by the non-governmental organization World Central Kitchen and carried by the Spanish-flagged ship Open Arms, consists of 200 tonnes of essential supplies, including food and water. Germany, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands are actively supporting the initiative by not only contributing aid but also providing transportation means, such as ships.

The European Commission will play a crucial role in coordinating the participating countries, while the United Nations will oversee the final phase of the project, ensuring the equitable distribution of aid to those in need. The article underscores Cyprus's growing significance as a regional bridge between the East and West.

Addressing concerns raised by Israel, the article highlights the agreement to inspect aid for military material on Cypriot territory before ships set sail. Checks will be conducted by both Cypriot authorities and Israeli officials present in Cyprus. The inclusion of Palestinians in the inspection process has been encouraged, with Qatar responding positively due to its amicable relations with Hamas.

While Israel has given the green light for the humanitarian corridor, questions remain about the security arrangements for ships transporting aid to the Gaza port. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the key players, logistics, and diplomatic considerations involved in this significant humanitarian effort.

[Read the full article in this Sunday's print edition of Kathimerini]

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