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Legal battle over Avvakoum Monastery footage: Commissioner steps in

Monastery videos spark data protection investigation


Data Protection Commissioner, Irini Loizidou Nikolaides, discussed the ongoing investigation into allegations made by lawyers representing nuns regarding videos released by the Holy Monastery of Saint Avvakoum. Loizidou stated that she sought clarification on certain matters and will thoroughly examine the videos to ascertain the validity of the claims.

Regarding media outlets that disseminated the videos, the Commissioner informed that her office contacted them concerning videos involving third parties, resulting in immediate compliance upon request. However, she highlighted the challenge in controlling reproduction, noting that continuous reproduction prompts intervention from her office.

Discussing legislation concerning closed-circuit surveillance systems, the Commissioner explained on the "ALPHA Good Morning" show that recording audio is prohibited due to its intrusive nature. She clarified that when systems capture images from public spaces, her office intervenes and sets specific boundaries. In cases where cameras are in private spaces, complainants can address law enforcement.

"We intervene when your home has a public character, like a clinic, an aesthetic institute, or any space frequented by the public. It can be a private space but with a public character because it receives visitors," she emphasized.

Furthermore, the Commissioner stressed the necessity for signs indicating camera surveillance in such spaces, along with information on data storage, processing, and destruction responsibilities. Ultimately, she noted that the admissibility and evidentiary value of material will be determined by the court.

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