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Woman denies beating allegations, claims video doctored

Social media response contradicts video narrative, police investigation initiated


In response to the recent release of a video by Sigma's ''Protoselido'' show, depicting an alleged altercation at the Holy Monastery of Saint Avvakoum in Fterikoudi, a woman featured in the footage has come forward with her version of events.

Taking to her personal social media account, the woman asserts that the video circulating online, purportedly showing her being "brutally beaten" by a monk, has been manipulated. She expresses disappointment that such a video has been disseminated and denies the depicted violence, stating, "I assure you that the video is doctored."

While acknowledging an altercation with the monk, she takes responsibility for the misunderstanding, indicating, "Yes, I had an altercation with the monk which resulted from a misunderstanding for which I was to blame." She emphasizes that the incident did not traumatize her and affirms that relations between her and the monk remain amicable.

Furthermore, she clarifies that she harbors no complaint against the monk and that the matter was resolved promptly. She humorously adds, "It happens even in the best families!"

Despite her social media post and subsequent police report, authorities have yet to receive any formal statements regarding the incident. Police have initiated an ex officio investigation into the matter.

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