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Police spokesman updates Avvakoum Monastery investigation

Christos Andreou addresses progress and uncertainties at press conference


Police Spokesman Christos Andreou provided updates on the ongoing investigation into the Monastery of Saint Abbacum, highlighting significant developments in the case. Speaking to reporters, Andreou emphasized the comprehensive nature of the investigation, which now involves two newly appointed criminal investigators focusing on financial offenses and complaints from monks regarding the Metropolis of Tamassos.

Andreou noted the reception and evaluation of various pieces of evidence, including documents, objects, closed-circuit footage, and a substantial amount of money discovered. When questioned about executed search warrants, Andreou confirmed multiple searches at various locations, with more planned if necessary. However, no searches have been conducted within the Metropolis.

Regarding a disturbing video depicting a monk using physical force against a woman, Andreou stated that arrangements were made for the woman to provide a formal statement. On the monks' allegations of kidnapping, Andreou clarified that investigations are ongoing, with testimonial material still under review.

In response to inquiries about the presence of ELAM President Christos Christos at the Tamassos Metropolis on March 5 and whether he was summoned to testify, Andreou expressed uncertainty. He also indicated uncertainty about the summons of two police officers present during the transfer of valuable items from the Monastery to the Metropolis.

Andreou concluded by asserting that arrests will be made if necessary, emphasizing that the police will refrain from further statements until significant developments occur.

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