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20 June, 2024
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Light scattered showers on their way

Rain is likely over the weekend but not enough to wash the dust away


Cloudy skies and rain are setting in for the weekend, with showers affecting some parts of the island intermittently, causing dust to remain in the area.

Friday clouds are expected to last throughout the weekend, with low pressure affecting the whole area.

Evening temperatures will drop down to 18° Celsius inland as well as all coastal regions while 11° will be recorded up in the mountains.

Saturday there will be cloudy skies between periods and also a chance of rain showers in some rural areas at higher elevations.

Maximum temperatures will reach 32° Celsius inland, around 27° on the coast across the island, and 21° up in the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly between Sunday and Tuesday, while the three-day forecast for the holiday weekend includes cloudy skies between periods and a chance of rain showers in the mountains.

No serious warnings have been issued on air quality but dust remains in the atmosphere.

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