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Limassol bishop pushes back mass time before lockdown enforcement

Limassol bishop Athanasios called on all the faithful to attend services to take place earlier on Tuesday, sparking social media reaction


Limassol Bishop Athanasios called on the faithful to participate in church services which he said would take place earlier on Tuesday afternoon in order to avoid violating the partial curfew to be enforced at 6pm, sparking an uproar on social media.

The announcement by the Limassol Bishopric said that church services that were scheduled to take place at 6pm will be held at 4pm, and called on the “faithful who wish to participate” to attend.

It added that services to be held on Wednesday to mark the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary will be held behind closed doors, but will be broadcast on the Bishopric’s radio station.

The move sparked reaction on social media, with several users condemning the attempt to sidestep the measures announced by the President in view of safeguarding public health.

Among the tougher measures announced by Anastasiades on Monday night, that will come into force at 6pm on Tuesday for three weeks, was the ban on assemblies in places of worship.


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