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The Pope has arrived in Cyprus

The Police are at their highest alert level


Pope Francis arrived in Cyprus on Thursday afternoon. The Cypriot government, through its Deputy Spokesman Niovis Parisinou, had described the Pope's visit as "an important event of international scope that is of global interest". The Police is at the highest alert level since more than 500 police officers have been recruited from all departments of the Force for the security of the Pope. At the same time, 77 journalists who will accompany his mission have already been accredited for the visit of the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church, while more than 200 journalists from 19 countries have been accredited to cover the event.

Pope Francis's plane landed at around 15:00 at Larnaca airport  

Pictures from Larnaca airport

Pictures from Larnaca airport

Pictures from Larnaca airport

Received by the Speaker of Parliament 

The Pope was welcomed in Cyprus by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Annita Dimitriou on the red carpet.

Pope Francis then inspected an Honorary Interdisciplinary Military Expedition which consisted of the three army corps of the National Guard, the Navy, the Air Force and the Army with flags of the Vatican and the Republic of Cyprus, while the Philharmonic played. 

The Cypriot delegation that greeted the Pope consisted mainly of members of the Council of Ministers and Ministers of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulidis, of Finance Konstantinos Petridis, of the Interior Nikos Nouri, of Education Prodromos Prodromos, of Health Costas Kadis, of Labor Zeta Aimilianoudou, of Justice Stephie Dracos, the Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs and Overseas Affairs Fotis Fotiou, the Deputy Government Representative Niovi Parisinou, the Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Office of the President of the Republic Koula Sofianou and from the Diplomatic Office of the President of the Republic of Cyprus Vatican George Poullidis.

The Vatican delegation consists of thirteen members of the Vatican government who are accompanying the Pope on his trip to Cyprus.

Children from the catholic schools of Cyprus at the airport

Children from Catholic schools in Cyprus, with flags of Cyprus and the Vatican, gathered at Larnaca Airport to welcome Pope Francis.  Due to restrictive measures, only 30 children from 3 Catholic schools, Agios Maronas and Terra Santa Schools (Nicosia) and Agia Maria (Limassol) and Saint Joseph Catholic Church Larnaca, were allowed at the airport.

A boy and a girl gave Pope Francis a bouquet of olive branches, a symbol of Peace, and a bouquet of white flowers in a yellow wrapper, symbolizing the colors of the Vatican. 


Thirteen members of the Vatican government will accompany the Pope

Thirteen members of the Vatican government will accompany Pope Francis on his trip to Cyprus, as diplomatic sources told KYPE.

On the plane along with the Pope and the delegation that will accompany him from the Vatican will be 80 journalists from twenty countries.

The roads that will be affected

We remind you that due to the official visit of Pope Francis to Cyprus today, increased security measures will be taken. For this reason, there will be occasional road closures, both in the province of Larnaca, on the Larnaca-Nicosia highway, and in the province of Nicosia.

Also, from 6 this morning, there will be a permanent cut from the roundabout of Markos Drakos to the junction of Rigaini-Arsinois streets, until 10 in the morning of Saturday, December 4, 2021.

In addition, the public that will attend on Friday, December 3, 2021 at the GSP Stadium is encouraged to arrive on time, because strict safepass and security checks will be carried out, both by the Police and the authorities of the Stadium. The doors of the GSP Stadium will open to the public at 7 in the morning.

The public is requested to follow the instructions of the police officers on duty.

The Pope's program

Pope Francis arrives in Cyprus on a historic visit to the island, the Pope's second visit to Cyprus, following the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

The Cypriot government, through its Deputy Spokesman Niovis Parisinou, had described the Pope's visit as "an important event of international scope that is of global interest".

After his arrival, the head of the Roman Catholic Church will have a meeting with Priests, faithful, ecclesiastical associations and movements at the Maronite Cathedral of Panagia Chariton in Nicosia, while at 17:15 the Reception Ceremony will take place at the Presidential Palace and at 17:30 has a meeting with the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis.

According to the program, the Pope will also have a meeting of representatives of the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, representatives of civil society and the diplomatic corps, at 18:00 at the Presidential Palace.

On Friday at 08:30 Pope Francis will meet with the Primate of the Cypriot Church, Archbishop Chrysostom II at the Orthodox Archdiocese of Cyprus and at 09:00 he will meet with the Holy Synod at the Orthodox Cathedral.

At 10:00 the Divine Liturgy and speech by Pope Francis will take place at the GSP. At 16:00 there will be an Ecumenical Prayer with immigrants at the Parish Church of the Holy Cross in Nicosia.

On Friday night, the President of the Republic will host a dinner for Pope Francis and the papal delegation at the Presidential Palace at 20:30.


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