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Mackenzie Beach closed off after sewage spill

The Larnaca mayor said the strip of sea at Mackenzie Beach that was closed off should be safe for bathers by the coming weekend


The strip of sea at Larnaca’s Mackenzie Beach was closed off to the public on Thursday after a damaged sewer pipe led to sewage spilling into the sea there, with local authorities expressing hope that the water could be made safe for swimming by the weekend.

According to the Larnaca mayor Andreas Viras, who visited the area on Thursday, municipal crews along with the fisheries department and health officials asked bathers to come out of the water before closing off the area and proceeding with efforts to clean the sea and shore.

A sample of seawater was taken from the affected area, which may be re-opened for the public if analysis results, which are expected later in the day, allow, Viras noted, adding that it is safe to assume that the sea will be made safe for bathers by the coming weekend.

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