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Mafia murders puzzle investigators

The challenges and clues behind these high-profile homicide cases


The mafia murder of Alexis Mavromichalis, known as "Alexoui," inside his apartment on Tuesday night in Verenikis Street, Acropolis, presents a challenging case for Nicosia CID investigators. The ongoing investigations by Law Enforcement Authorities have encountered difficulties, hampering progress in solving the case.

From the outset, the investigators have incorporated closed-circuit television surveillance footage from the crime scene and surrounding areas to identify any relevant evidence.

Thus far, the examination of the surveillance footage has not revealed any suspicious activity, further suggesting that Mavromichalis' assailant was well-prepared, not only in targeting him but also in planning an escape route.

However, the collection of surveillance data is expected to extend to a broader radius from the murder scene. The Nicosia CID investigators are processing a wealth of information, diligently studying it to unravel the case.

Several individuals have been brought in for questioning by the Nicosia investigative team. It is noteworthy that Mavromichalis, who took precautions and was often accompanied by others when going out, had no indication that an assassination attempt was imminent, even within his own apartment.

This is corroborated by Chief of Police Stelios Papatheodorou, who acknowledged that while the police had been aware of Mavromichalis in the past and had taken precautionary measures for his safety, there was no recent information suggesting a threat.

In connection to the attempted murder of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos on Monday, investigations are progressing, with photographic material providing clues about the perpetrators. The focus has shifted to identifying the two individuals depicted in the police-released photos, who are confirmed to be the assailants.

Nicosia and Limassol CID investigative teams are actively exploring the possibility of a link between the two crimes, as the timing appears more than coincidental. Additionally, the data gathered thus far indicates a friendly relationship between the two victims, leading investigators to rule out any possibility of retaliation.

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