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Man arrested for firing shot in money disagreement

Police pursue suspect in Limassol balcony gunfire


A 21-year-old man reported to police yesterday an alarming incident outside the residence of a 38-year-old individual in Limassol. According to the report, the young man claimed that following an argument, the older man emerged onto his balcony and discharged a firearm into the air.

The altercation, reportedly stemming from financial disputes between the two parties, prompted a swift response from law enforcement. Upon arrival at the scene, police pursued the 38-year-old, who attempted to flee on foot. However, his escape was short-lived as he was apprehended by officers a short distance away. Allegedly, the suspect resisted arrest and even assaulted a police officer in his bid for freedom.

A subsequent search of the suspect yielded the discovery of three factory-made firecrackers concealed in his possession. Further investigation led to the recovery of seven additional factory firecrackers during a search of his residence. Additionally, authorities confiscated the suspect's shotgun and a loaded shotgun cartridge.

Following these findings, the 38-year-old was re-arrested under a court warrant. He now remains in custody as the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department (CID) conducts further inquiries into the incident.

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