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Man draws knife in road rage incident

Limassol police want to question car owner about a possible road rage incident at a roundabout


Limassol police are investigating a possible road rage incident after a driver said another man drew a knife at a roundabout.

Local media reported that a 32-year-old Greek Cypriot man was driving in Polemidia on Monday night when he got into a road rage incident with another male driver at the roundabout near Jumbo store.

According to police, the local man said he was driving on the roundabout when he noticed another vehicle in front of him. In his complaint, he told cops he had to stop this vehicle on the grass after seeing the other driver “performing dangerous maneuvers.” It was not clear whether the two vehicles had been involved in a prior incident before getting to the roundabout.

The man stepped outside the vehicle holding a knife and said 'I gonna kill you' in broken Greek

At one point, the other driver reportedly parked his car and stepped outside the vehicle holding a knife and saying “I gonna kill you” in broken Greek. Police did not comment on the identity of the other driver but media reports said he was an Iraqi national who lives in Paphos.

The Greek Cypriot said he drove away but the two men were once again next to each other inside their respective vehicles at a red light, with the Iraqi shouting obscenities and making gestures according to the complaint.

Police told Knews the owner of the other vehicle has been identified and officers were in the process of tracking him down for questioning. An arrest warrant has also been issued.

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