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Man pleads not guilty in Yeroskipou fatal dog mauling

Dog owner admits to animal code violations but not manslaughter charges


The 27-year-old dog owner who is facing manslaughter in the death of Petruna Milchova Nikolova has pleaded not guilty to the main charges.

The man is the main suspect in the death of 46-year-old Nikolova from Bulgaria, who died after being mauled to death by vicious dogs on February 22 in Paphos.

The suspect admitted charges involving animal code violations, including letting his Rottweiler roam around free, but denied all other charges in the death of the woman.

Nikolova, who had arrived in Cyprus days earlier to look for a job, was found fatally wounded in a field in Yeroskipou and died on the way tp the hospital.

An initial autopsy pointed to farming equipment but later four additional autopsies confirmed she had been attacked by two large dogs in the area.

The suspect and his father were subsequently arrested, with the 27-year-old facing charges of manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter.

The court has set a verdict hearing for 23 November while sentencing will take place on 4 December.

The suspect was released on a €100,000 bail and surrendered his passport and identification documents.

His dogs also must wear a dog mouthpiece and remain on leash, according to the bail terms.

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