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Two Brits get into a fist fight over a dog

Man wanted by Paphos police for punching a neighbour and sending him to hospital


A British man was sent to the hospital with a head injury after getting involved in an ugly fight with another man over an argument because of a dog that was barking.

According to Paphos police, two British men, who are neighbours, began having an argument Thursday night after a dog belonging to one of them reportedly started barking. 

Some local reports suggested the dog had attacked someone but this was not immediately confirmed.

During the argument, the two men got into a fist fight and at one point a 69-year-old expat got punched in the face.

He was taken to Paphos General Hospital with injuries to the head, causing internal bleeding and a fracture over the left eye socket.

Doctors treating the expat said there was no cause for concern but kept the man in the hospital for further treatment.

The man who threw the punch is wanted by police.

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