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Man quarantined in Nicosia General unlikely to be coronavirus carrier

Members of the epidemiological surveillance unit said final results expected tomorrow or Monday


A 22-year-old Chinese man quarantined in Nicosia General hospital after suspicions were raised of coronavirus is showing signs of recovery, with members of the Health Ministry’s epidemiological surveillance unit reporting that the possibilities of it being a case of coronavirus are low.

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On Friday, a Health Ministry announcement said that the man, a permanent resident of Cyprus who had recently travelled to China, was admitted into Nicosia General as a precaution after he showed symptoms similar to coronavirus.

A close family member of the 22-year-old was later also quarantined and submitted to tests at the hospital as a precaution, though the person showed no symptoms.

News emerged on Saturday that the 22-year-old, who had raised suspicions of being a coronavirus carrier after he showed signs high fever during a scan conducted upon his return to island, is in good health and his fever has subsided.

In a news conference the Ministry’s epidemiological surveillance unit said that final results are expected on Sunday or Monday, noting that should the man be diagnosed with coronavirus, all passengers who shared the man’s flight will be called in for tests.

The 22-year-old had visited Beijing earlier in January and returned to the island on January 18, before flying to Egypt and returning to the island on Friday.

According to Costas Constantinou, a member of the Ministry’s surveillance unit who spoke to state broadcaster CyBC, said the man’s symptoms are more likely to point to seasonal flu, despite the Health Ministry’s announcement on Friday which said that Type A flu virus had been ruled out.


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