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Man scammed out of 200,000 euros

The 43-year-old had agreed to purchase cryptocurrencies from the suspect who never gave him the codes to access the currency

A 25-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly failing to deliver the agreed amount of cryptocurrencies to a 43-year-old man who reportedly paid 200,000 euros for the digital assets. The transaction was made on February 21, according to the TAE Limassol.

The two men had previously worked together, and the 43-year-old had agreed to purchase the cryptocurrencies from the suspect. They met at a Governor's Beach mansion in the presence of a friend of the complainant, who handed the suspect a bag of money.

The suspect reportedly claimed that he was unable to send the codes to transfer the cryptocurrencies due to a problem with his cellphone and promised to do so later from his computer. The 43-year-old left the site, but he never received the codes for the cryptocurrencies, and the suspect denied receiving the 200,000 euros.

After obtaining a court warrant, the suspect was arrested in the province of Larnaca on Wednesday morning and taken to the offices of the TAE Limassol. The respondent has denied any involvement in the case.

TAE Limassol is continuing its investigation into the matter.

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