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Man stabbed in the neck in broad daylight

Police investigate stabbing outside Migration center, preliminary reports suggest fight over cutting in line


Two men have been apprehended by police in connection with a stabbing incident under investigation in downtown Nicosia, with reports saying the attack in broad daylight was preceded by an altercation between three individuals.

Police said two men were being held while warrants for their arrests were pending Thursday afternoon, following a stabbing incident in downtown Nicosia outside a Migration Services center on Makarios Avenue.

Local media speculated the two men had an altercation with another male who reportedly jumped the line outside the center.

Doctors on duty said the stabbing victim was in serious condition after suffering carotid artery trauma

Additional reports said the two males assaulted the man, who was stabbed in the neck during the incident.

The stabbing victim was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where doctors on duty said he was in serious condition after suffering carotid artery trauma.

Police did not immediately confirm the identity of any suspects but additional reports said the three males were foreign nationals, with two of them described as Syrians.

Local media also said other persons of interest were also on police radar in regards to the incident.

CID Nicosia is investigating while security camera footage was expected to reveal information pertaining to the attack.

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