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Man wanted for wishing death on politicians

Cyprus police keep state attorney in loop as they investigate yet another high profile cyberstalking case


Cyprus Police are searching for a man who wished death on the interior minister and the wife and kids of another politician, with investigators handling the complaint as a high profile cyber stalking case.

DISY MP Efthimios Diplaros shared on Facebook a screenshot of comments posted previously by another user who wished death on the politician’s wife who is battling cancer.

The non-fan using the social handle “Ioudas Lamprou” also said he would be happy if Interior Minister Nicos Nouris, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, would also die.

“Dear God give cancer to Diplaros’ children and overwhelm them with one tumor after the other,” the suspect also wrote based on the screenshot, adding “and please, please, please make his wife croak already.”

'Dear God give cancer to Diplaros’ children and overwhelm them with one tumor after the other, and please, please, please make his wife croak already'

He then went on to say that he was asking the same god to whom Diplaros and others were praying to “make Turks disappear, cure homosexuality, and drown refugees in the sea.”

Police said they have issued an arrest warrant against a 35-year-old male after receiving a complaint on January 5 from an alleged victim who was not named in the report.

The suspect, thought to be living abroad at the time of the warrant, is wanted in connection with a cyberstalking investigation into the incident.

Police said the investigation was being conducted by the cyber crime unit at headquarters, adding that both the state’s attorney general and deputy attorney general were being kept in the loop.

“This is done in all cases as police always seek legal guidance in their investigations,” a police communications officer told Knews on Friday, adding that this was also a high profile case involving public figures.

Last year police were heavily criticized over a home raid on a weekend when officers confiscated a woman’s computer and phone after former justice minister Emily Yiolitis had reportedly complained about a parody account on Twitter.

Social media users, both political friends and foes, wrote messages of support for Diplaros, while also praising his response to his critic.

“We ask God to keep Mr. Lamprou and his family safe and well,” Diplaros wrote above the screenshot, adding that the family was carrying on and thanking people for their support.

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