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State scrambles to close isolation loophole

Current CovScan setup in Cyprus fails to detect persons under isolation orders in recovery category


Officials in Cyprus are worried about another Safe Pass loophole that could potentially leave infected persons under isolation orders undetected in restricted areas unless the program gets a critical update.

Citizens in the Republic of Cyprus who have been infected with coronavirus are allowed to use a special barcode under the recovery category to be scanned before being allowed to enter places where access restrictions are in place due to the pandemic.

A technical fix based on the EUDCC platform would mean barcode users in Cyprus would need to download certificates daily in order to keep the information up to date

But citizens who remain under isolation orders may technically be able to move about freely by using CovScan, a digital app based on the EU Digital COVID Certificate, as the revoke function has not been enabled in the Cypriot application.

The European Union is currently debating whether it would need to activate the function on an EU-wide level, due to the surge of Omicron.

But an easy-fix technical solution based on the EUDCC platform would mean that barcode users in Cyprus would need to download their certificate on a daily basis in order to keep the information up to date.

According to Philenews, Cypriot officials are scrambling to find other technical solutions that would ensure infected people under isolation orders would be blocked from accessing areas under the “recovered” category.

Recently secondary inspections at the door, such as asking for ID to verify one’s identity matched an authenticated barcode, were the subject of debate between police and state officials.

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