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Man with purse arrested after cop’s instinct kicks in

Limassol police go through ladies purse after feeling something was amiss with man’s early morning stroll


Police officers who got curious after seeing a man carrying a women’s purse in the wee hours Tuesday morning ended up arresting him, after it turned out during a search that the handbag had been stolen.

According to local media, officers from the Crime Prevention Unit in Limassol were patrolling the streets in the southern town very early Tuesday morning.

As officers approached, the suspicious male dropped the handbag and started running but was later apprehended, telling police the purse did not belong to him

While on patrol, just before 3am, officers got suspicious after seeing a man taking a stroll while carrying a women’s purse.

As officers began to approach the suspicious male, he reportedly dropped the handbag on the ground and started running but was later apprehended on Dervenion Street after falling to the ground.

The man, described as a 23-year-old Bulgarian national, was purported to have admitted to police that the purse had been stolen and did not belong to him.

It was later determined that the handbag was stolen from a residence in Limassol during a burglary, with reports saying officers found inside two mobile phones, a set of car keys, and €65 in cash.

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