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Purse snatcher in Paphos faces judge

Young man in custody days after grabbing a woman’s purse at a bus station and running away


A young man suspected of snatching a woman’s purse at a bus stop and running away in Paphos is expected to appear before a judge for a remand hearing.

According to Paphos police, a 19-year-old male approached on June 10 around noontime a woman who was waiting at a bus stop and grabbed her purse. As he started to make a run for it, concerned citizens chased after him and he ended up dropping the purse and taking off in a car parked nearby.

As he started to make a run for it, concerned citizens chased after him

The young man, described as a Paphos resident of European origin, was wanted by police, with authorities publishing his photo and asking for the public’s help. Officers managed to locate the suspect on Monday around noon.

Investigators also determined the young man had used a car that belonged to his family as his getaway vehicle.

An official report said the Petty Crime unit in Paphos was investigating the case.

But Knews has learned that police were seeking a court order for the suspect’s remand on theft charges, with a press officer confirming the young man was being charged with actually stealing the purse.

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