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Man with scissors kidnaps woman

Woman kidnapped, robbed by man who offered her a ride home after a night on the town


A man was arrested on Monday following a complaint by a woman who said she was robbed and threatened with of scissors after a night on the town.

According to police, a 30-year-old female was out in Nicosia late night on Monday when around 3:30am the following morning she was offered a ride home from a 33-year-old male. Media reports said the two of them were having fun at a Nicosia club that night.

The man, according to the complaint, drove the woman to a location that was unknown to her and threatened her with scissors, taking her jewelry and her purse.

Police said the woman had two mobile phones inside her purse, personal belongings, and some cash, with the total value stolen estimated around €2000.

It was not immediately clear whether the woman had known the suspect prior to the night of the incident. 

CID Nicosia is investigating the complaint.

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