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Paphos man arrested on rape charges

Foreign woman says two men drove her to a deserted location and raped her


A Paphos resident has been arrested for rape while another man is wanted by police, following a complaint filed last week by a foreign woman.

A 32-year-old woman, described as a foreign national, told police last week that she was the victim of rape. According to the complaint filed last Friday, she was walking by herself on December 10 when a vehicle pulled up next to her with two men inside.

When the driver asked her to get in and she refused, the man and his male passenger forced her into the car and drove away. According to the complaint, the two men took the woman to a deserted location where they raped her.

Police told Knews a 43-year-old male, described as a local resident in Paphos, was arrested in connection with the case. A Paphos District Judge on Saturday ordered the suspect to be remanded in custody for six days, while a second male suspect is still wanted by police.

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