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Mandatory EV charging points in buildings by 2025

Is this just another way for the government to spark profit?


The Energy Agency has mandated the installation of at least one electric vehicle recharging point in all non-residential buildings with more than 20 parking spaces by January 1, 2025.

In a press release, the Energy Office outlined the directive specified in Section 9D(2) of the "Regulation of Energy Efficiency of Buildings Act 2006" (Act 142(I)/2006), which requires the installation of electric vehicle recharging points in non-residential buildings with over twenty parking spaces by the aforementioned date.

The provision, as stated, aligns with the broader strategy aimed at advancing the electrification infrastructure within buildings.

Additionally, the Energy Agency announced its intentions to conduct random inspections post-January 1, 2025, to ensure compliance with the relevant provision of the Act.

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