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March continues to bring rain and dust

What's in store for us between now and Saturday

Rain and increased dust levels appear to be the weather forecast for the next few days. Panagiotis Georgiou, Meteorological Officer, told "K" that isolated localized showers are expected on Thursday and Friday, with the possibility of thunderstorms. He clarified that these are isolated events that will not be as intense as those on Friday and the weekend.  Mr. Georgiou believes that a weather warning is unlikely, but the Met Office is waiting for new information tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It is predicted that increased dust levels will appear on Wednesday and will last until Saturday. Temperatures will remain at 21-22 degrees Celsius, which is slightly higher than the average climatic temperature for the season.

The detailed forecast

The region's low pressure is moving east and weakening.

The sky will be mostly clear tonight. Winds will be mostly northwest, 3 Beaufort, with gusts up to 4 Beaufort locally. The sea will be choppy to rough at times. Temperatures will fall to around 9 degrees inland, 11 degrees on the coast, and 5 degrees higher in the mountains.

The sky will be partly cloudy tomorrow. Winds will be moderate to strong, 4 to 5 Beaufort, and the sea will be slightly choppy to choppy. Temperatures will reach 22 degrees inland and on the coast, and 11 degrees in the higher mountains.

There will be increasing high clouds tomorrow night. Winds will be mostly northwest at 3 Beaufort and locally moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be rough at times.

On Wednesday, the weather will gradually become mostly cloudy with isolated showers possible later in the day. Increasing clouds are expected to produce isolated showers or thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday. Over the next three days, dust will be visible in the atmosphere, while temperatures will remain at Tuesday's levels, which are slightly above average for the season.

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