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Mayors take on eco-warriors in Akamas showdown

Akamas project hangs in the balance


In a heated dispute, the municipalities of Polis Chrysochous and Pegeia are vehemently protesting against the interference of various environmental organizations.

These groups are demanding a halt to the ongoing project and a complete overhaul of the Akamas National Forest Park management plan.

Mayor P. and his counterpart stress that the project's completion, done with respect for the natural environment and biodiversity, is crucial. They argue that it will act as a lifeline for the declining communities of Akamas, countering years of abandonment.

Despite initial opposition from local authorities, the project received approval from environmental organizations, leading to its licensing and initiation. The mayors emphasize the importance of adhering to the agreed-upon planning.

The municipalities acknowledge the need for corrections if any deviations by the contractor are identified. However, they adamantly oppose halting the implementation, citing the risk of regression and potential delays of up to 15 years in case of a redesign.

Expressing disagreement with the stance of environmental organizations, the mayors accuse them of blocking government decisions. They argue that such actions jeopardize the livelihoods of Akamas communities and the safety of residents and visitors alike.

In a resolute conclusion, the municipalities emphasize the urgency of operating the National Forest Park without further delays.

They contend that failure to do so would result in the demise of Akamas villages on life support for 34 years.

Instead, they advocate for a modern National Forest Park that would be a unique asset benefiting the environment, local economy, society, and the region's tourism.

[With information sourced from Pafos Press]

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