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Akamas bones point to missing person

Clues suggest missing foreigner in bone unveiling

Newsroom / CNA

In the rugged landscapes of Akamas, a startling discovery of human bones has raised questions, but so far, authorities are yet to find any evidence pointing to foul play.

ADE Paphos spokesman, Nicolas, and TAE Paphos Director Michalis Nikolaou shared updates on the ongoing tests, emphasizing that suspicion of a crime has not surfaced.

Nicholas hinted at a possible link to a missing foreign resident, a 69-year-old individual who vanished in April 2023.

The bones, scattered in a remote area, are currently undergoing examination by the Pafos Crime Detection Department, coroner Nicolas Charalambous, and CMP anthropologists. Positive identification will rely on genetic testing.

The discovery unfolded when a member of the Paphos Police Department stumbled upon the remains around 11 am last Wednesday while out hunting with friends.

The bones, constituting the main part of a skeleton, were found alongside clothing, adding another layer of mystery to this puzzling find. Both bones and garments have been sent for thorough testing as investigators work diligently to unravel the enigma surrounding this eerie discovery.

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