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Measures imposed in Larnaca as virus flares

The measures, to come into effect early on Thursday, will see a 10-person cap on social gatherings, among other restrictions


After the recent surge in coronavirus cases in the Larnaca district, where multiple chains of infection continue to grow daily, the health ministry on Wednesday re-imposed a number of localized restriction measures in a bid to tone down the spread.

Larnaca restriction measures

1. Gatherings in public spaces and private homes cannot exceed 10 persons per house or group, including minors.

2. Food and drink spots in the Larnaca district can serve up to 75 people indoors and 150 people outdoors, while tables must be at a distance of 3 square metres indoors and 2 square metres outdoors, regardless of the size of the premises. Reservations for each table cannot exceed 10 persons.

3. Sports games can take place in the Larnaca district in the framework of sports championships, provided that the relevant protocols are observed, but without the presence of spectators.

4. Services at churches, mosques and other religious places cannot exceed 75 persons, and must abide by relevant protocols.

5. Cinemas and theatres can continue operating, but can only accept a maximum of 75 people indoors and 150 outdoors, while ensuring that relevant protocols are observed.

6. Cocktail parties and congratulations at weddings and baptisms are prohibited. Only lunches or dinners are allowed, with a maximum attendance of 350 people.

7. A random sampling program targeting 3,000 people in Larnaca will be launched immediately, with more details to be announced in the coming days.

The measures will come into effect on September 24, at 6am, and will remain in place for a period of two weeks.

With new restrictions being imposed on the Larnaca district, the health ministry issued a renewed call to the entire population to remain strictly diligent in matters of personal protection, and to pay special attention to our movements and our contacts with other people.



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