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Minister announces the end of Safepass

Details of new relaxations

The Minister of Health announced this morning the additional easing of measures, one of which includes the abolition of the requirement to present a Safepass in additional venues.

The move comes after significant reductions in the number of positive covid cases and hospitalizations, prompting the Health Ministry to further relax measures against the pandemic, however, the Minister emphasized that the public should not fall into complacency.

The announcement from the Health Minister, Michalis Hadjipantelas:

Ladies and gentlemen,

The epidemiological picture of our country continues to improve, with a significant reduction in both the number of cases and the number of hospitalizations due to covid.

The improvement in the epidemiological picture allows us to proceed with further relaxations, however, we will still continue evaluating the scientific data on a daily basis for careful and targeted decisions.

Collective and individual responsibility has made a major contribution to tackling the pandemic, and that is why I want to emphasize once again that positive developments must in no way lead to complacency and non-compliance with individual protection measures. We must continue to wear our masks and maintain social distancing to ensure the health of each of us and our loved ones.

Taking into account the above data, the Council of Ministers has decided that from the 15th of May, the requirement to present a Safepass in nightclubs, music and dance centers and events, including weddings and baptisms has, hereby, been suspended.  Moreover, as of the same date, patients at public and private hospitals will now be allowed 2 visitors (1 person at a time) with the presentation of a rapid test valid for 24 hours.

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