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Proposal to abolish Safe pass to be submitted to Cabinet tomorrow

Health Minister waiting for expert's opinions before submitting proposal to Cabinet

Source: CNA

A proposal to lift safe pass checks will be submitted this coming Tuesday during the weekly Cabinet meeting.  According to Health Minister, Michalis Hadjipantelas, experts will recommend the abolition of safe the safe pass since the numbers of Covid positive cases and hospitalizations are decreasing on a daily basis.

Speaking during a visit to the Blood Dialysis Unit at Limassol General Hospital, he was asked to comment on the possible elimination of safe pass checks in entertainment venues and other spaces. Hadjipantelas said that he has asked experts to submit their opinion in writing, in order to decide whether a proposal should be submitted to the Cabinet.

“I am awaiting answers from the experts.  The proposal to the Cabinet to eliminate the Safe Pass will depend on these answers”, he said and added that a proposition, if any, will be submitted on Tuesday.

He also mentioned that, if this measure is lifted, there will be no other measure in effect, only in high-risk areas, such as hospitals, institutions and nursing homes. He added that any other easing of restrictions would only apply to wedding events and entertainment venues, which remain to be examined.

Eventually, he said that as the number of COVID cases and hospitalized patients decreases daily, the fifth floor of the Limassol General Hospital, where COVID cases were treated, will now return to its original use.

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