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Mom and son injured in star flyer accident

Russian woman and young boy ejected from swing ride in horrific Ayia Napa amusement park accident


A mother and her young son were seriously injured in a swing ride accident at an amusement park in Ayia Napa, after they were both ejected from their seat on a star flyer.

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Both are expected to make a full recovery, while the amusement park has offered to cover medical expenses

According to media reports, a 44-year-old woman from Russia and her 7-year-old son were having fun at an amusement park in Ayia Napa late on Friday evening.

During a swing ride around 10:30pm, parts of their seat on an operating star flyer came loose after possible contact with another object and the mother and her young boy were ejected from their position. The boy suffered a severe leg injury while his mother suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken arm.

An ambulance rushed them both to the Emergency Room and then they got transferred to a private clinic in Limassol where doctors contemplated amputation for the boy but finally they managed to avoid it.

The condition of both victims was described as serious but media sources later said both were expected to make a full recovery. According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the administration of the amusement park has offered to cover all medical expenses.


This story has been updated with information on expected full recovery and paid medical costs

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