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Man critical after scaffolding accident

Ayia Napa police investigate how a foreign worker was seriously injured at a construction site


Police are looking for more details surrounding a foreign worker, who was dropped off outside a private clinic with multiple injuries.

Doctors say a man from Georgia aged 41 is in critical condition after suffering multiple injuries including a ruptured spleen and broken ribs.

The worker was injured after falling from scaffolding while at a construction site in Ayia Napa

The man had been driven by an unknown person to a private clinic Thursday morning, around 8am, where he was dropped off at the entrance. He was then rushed to Famagusta General Hospital due to his critical condition, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Media reports said the man was injured in a scaffolding accident while working at a construction site in Ayia Napa.

Local investigators are standing by to speak with the patient as soon as he is able to have a conversation with them.

In the meantime, they are asking for anyone with information regarding the incident to contact authorities by calling the Ayia Napa station at 23.803.200, contacting the nearest local station or dialing the Citizen Hotline at 1460.

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