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20 May, 2024
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Mostly clear skies ahead

Temperatures to climb to 32 degrees inland


Today's forecast brings a mix of sunshine and gentle breezes across the region. Expect clear conditions with winds shifting from northeast to southeast, starting off light and picking up to a moderate breeze.

If you're hitting the coast, anticipate calm to slightly choppy seas. Temperatures will climb to a balmy 32 degrees inland, around 26 along the south and east coasts, roughly 28 elsewhere by the shore, and a cooler 23 degrees up in the mountains.

Tonight, clouds may roll in, bringing with them a chance of light dust in the air. Winds will ease into a northwest to northeast direction, staying light. Sea conditions should remain fairly tranquil. As the night progresses, temperatures will dip to around 14 degrees inland, 16 along the coast, and 13 up in the mountains.

Looking ahead to Thursday, expect a mix of clear skies and some clouds, with occasional dust in the air. Temperatures will stay comfortably above average.

Friday will see a similar pattern with partly cloudy skies and temperatures remaining mild.

Come Saturday, expect partly cloudy conditions with a slight chance of isolated rain or thunderstorms. Temperatures will inch up slightly, making for a pleasant weekend outlook.

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