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MP fined for violating restriction measures

Reports suggested that Zacharias Koulias, a Diko MP, had called the Police Chief in an attempt to get the fine scrapped


Diko MP Zacharias Koulias was caught lunching at a Larnaca grill house on Saturday without going through the proper SMS procedure, with reports on Tuesday claiming he had called the Chief of Police to get out of the fine to no avail.

Koulias was spotted by police dining in at a grill house in Larnaca with two others, all of whom had not requested permission for the outing as required by restriction decrees in place.

All three, as well as the owner of the grill house who shouldn’t have allowed the group to dine in, were issued €300 fines for violating coronavirus decrees.

Reports on Tuesday claimed that the MP had called the Chief of Police, asking him to intervene to scrap the fine, with the Chief of Police refusing.

But Koulias’ position on the matter, according to a local news outlet, was that he was only at the grill house for a small amount of time, and said that he had only called the Police Chief to report the behaviour of the police officer who had booked him, claiming that he had caused an unnecessary ruckus.

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