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Mysterious Lakatamia mansion hits the market for 825,000 Euros

Gordian Holdings offers iconic residence shrouded in mystery for sale


The most famous mansion in Lakatamia is up for sale for 825,000 euros by Gordian Holdings.

According to a statement on the official Gordian Holdings website, "the property is a residential block, including a ground floor residence in the Agios Nikolaos district. It is located on Giannou Kranidiotis Avenue, 600m from the 5th primary school of Lakatamia.

Within the plot, there is an abandoned, dilapidated ground-floor house. The plot has a total area of 7,428 sqm and a road frontage of 87m.'

The mansion in question, which has been abandoned for several years, is a mystery to residents and is rightly described as the most talked-about building in the area.

The myths that surround it are numerous, as you can hear various stories from the Lakatamians, from who the owner is to why it was never inhabited.

As the years went by without anything changing in the mansion, the more the rumors were fanned out while piquing the curiosity of the residents who, through speculation, were trying to get to the solution of the mystery.


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