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Neophytou: The solution framework is clear

Turkey always wanted two states says DISY President


The solution model for DISY is clear, said DISY President Averof Neophytou, adding that the international community respects the UN resolutions but each country also has its own interests in mind and "we must not have any illusions about it".

Mr. Neophytou was speaking following a meeting with the Russian Ambassador, Stanislav Osachi, as the DISY President intensifies efforts to inform the ambassadors of UN Security Council members on the Cyprus issue, EEZ and Varosha. 

Neophytou: Two states have always been the national target of the Turks

"We will continue to inform and state our clear position that there is no need for summits and five-party meetings to clarify the framework for a solution to the Cyprus problem. The Greek Cypriot side remains committed to finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, within the framework of UN resolutions based on a bi-zonal, bicommunal federation and as detailed in the Security Council resolutions", he said.

Asked by a journalist about the Turkish Foreign Minister's interview with Kathimerini, that contrary to what our side supports, Turkey seems to prefer five-party summit to determine the framework for a solution, the DISY President said that there is no need for a five-party summit "to decide the solution model because the solution model [pursued] is clear and no further discussion is needed ". If the Turkish side advances a different solution framework, let Mr. Cavusoglu make it clear", said Neophytou.

Asked if the President of the Republic agrees with the DISY President, since there were other references made by the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr. Neophytou replied: "I will ask a rhetorical question. Turkey has always wanted two states. Taksim was the national target of the Turks. One wonders if Turkey had such a proposal from any Greek Cypriot, why was there no agreement? We need to be rational when interpreting  certain statements. Now would anyone be able to propose to the Turks the implementation of their plans and have Mr. Cavusoglu say no? The two states have always been the national target of the Turks".

Asked whether through his contacts and with the Russian ambassador, if Russia has changed its position on the solution of the Cyprus problem or on the issue of Varosha, Mr Neophytou said: "The international community on the one hand respects the UN resolutions, on the other hand any country whether it is America, Russia or France, in this equation, we should always know that they have their own national interests. There are no strategic friends, there are strategic interests and this applies to everyone. We, here in Cyprus, should stop having illusions. "

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