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New bus Lane to ease Nicosia traffic starting September 4th

Time savings and improved public transport await with A1 motorway bus lane

Newsroom / CNA

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works has announced the launch of a 1.8km bus lane on the A1 motorway, operational from September 4, 2023. Stretching from the Strovolos Industrial Area traffic junction northbound to the Limassol and Athalassa Avenues junction, this lane aims to alleviate congestion during peak hours.

The bus lane is designed to provide unobstructed passage for buses heading towards the city center, particularly where traffic congestion is heaviest, especially between 07:00-09:00. Commuters on both public and private buses are expected to save around 20 minutes on their journeys through this section.

The newly established bus lane will link with existing routes, serving the General Hospital Bus Station—a vital hub for urban and long-distance routes. Express and intercity routes will also benefit, including those connecting to Larnaca and Paphos Airports. The GSP Stadium will function as a Park & Ride station, further enhancing the convenience of public transport.

These measures, which integrate with existing bus lanes, aim to encourage public transportation usage, contributing to reduced pollution, improved public health, and more inclusive accessibility. The move is aligned with the broader goal of sustainable urban development.


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