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New details emerge in Pallouriotissa death

Woman who died of suspected drug overdose was once arrested in the Aglandjia murder case


A 34-year-old woman who was found dead in her Pallouriotissa apartment last week was identified as the female suspect who was arrested in the Aglandjia murder of a retired teacher.

Last week, on November 22, a woman’s next to kin went to search for her and discovered her body when they entered her apartment near the Kaimakli borough. Reports said the woman, who was originally from Palestine, was a known drug user.

But additional details later surfaced identifying the woman as the second suspect who got arrested back in April in connection with the murder of a retired teacher, 80-year-old Androulla Vanezi, who was found dead, tied up and gagged, in what appeared to be a robbery.

Police told Knews the woman was spotted moving about suspiciously in the area and got arrested.

Officials do not believe there was any foul play in the Pallouriotissa death, while the Aglandjia murder remains a cold case to this day

Additional reports said she was arrested on April 27, when she was on foot in Geri, Nicosia, after flagging down a vehicle for a ride, which turned out to be law enforcement officials in an unmarked police vehicle, according to court documents.

A day earlier, police arrested a 29-year-old Greek Cypriot man in connection with the case, based on a tip offered to police by a concerned citizen that the suspect tried to sell a stolen laptop. The suspect, as police later found, implicated a 34-year-old woman, with whom she used drugs after selling the laptop for cash.

On April 23, the day of Vanezi’s murder, her house appeared to have been in disarray, according to reports, suggesting a robbery might have taken place as things were thrown all over the place and the son of the victim had told police that his laptop was missing.

Police told Knews that investigators are waiting for the toxicology reports on the 34-year-old woman, whose death last week was reported as a drug overdose.

Officials did not believe there was any foul play in the Pallouriotissa, while the Aglandjia murder remains a cold case to this day.

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