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New earthquake in Turkey felt in Cyprus

Seismic activity in Antakya on Monday evening was felt throughout Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean

Source: CNA

Α 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck at 19:04 on Monday in Antakya, near the Turkey-Syria border, was felt throughout Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus’ Geological Survey Department said on Monday evening, noting that it is considered an aftershock of the February 6 earthquake.

In its announcement, the Department said that, at 19:04, local time, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded by its seismological network.

The earthquake’s epicenter was in the region of Antakya, near the Turkey-Syria border. “It was felt throughout the eastern Mediterranean (in a radius of more than 500 kilometers from its epicenter), while in Cyprus it was felt throughout the island,” it adds.

This earthquake, it notes, is considered an aftershock of the very strong, magnitude 7.8 earthquake of February 6, 2022, adding that, this phenomenon is ongoing and is being monitored by the Seismological Centre of the Geological Survey Department.

It is noted that, relevant information (seismic parameters, interactive maps, etc.) is published on the websites of the Department of Geological Survey ( and and on the Twitter account of the Department @CY_earthquakes.

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