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New rules issued for food and beverage establishments

Restrictions on movement are set to be lifted in under two weeks, but our outings will still have to follow health and safety rules

Newsroom / CNA

With all restrictions on movement to be scrapped on May 21, when gatherings of groups of up 10 people will be permitted, the Health Ministry on Monday issued new instructions for cafes, restaurants and bars.

The Ministry asked all food providing services to provide informational notices to their staff on the possible symptoms of coronavirus and to ask those who show symptoms to stay at home and seek medical advice.

While it is obligatory that the temperature of staff is checked, the Ministry said that checking the temperature of customers is optional.

According to the announcement, all cafes, restaurants and bars should place announcements at entrances informing customers of simple protection measures, such as social distancing, good hand washing and disinfection.

The new rules state that in outdoor settings, customers must be two square metres apart, and three square metres apart indoors. The maximum number of people per table is 10.

Employees serving the public are instructed limit conversation with customers as much as possible, while the use of masks and gloves by all staff is mandatory.

To limit any dangers of the virus spreading through menus, the Ministry recommended that companies have a single-use price menu, or menus placed in visible positions that won’t need to be picked up, or even to provide menus electronically. Either way, menus should be disinfected after every use.

Further, all food and beverage service companies must use single-use tablecloths, and promote contactless transactions to limit the use of cash.

All toilets should be equipped with liquid soap, disposable hand towels and antiseptic alcohol solution. All floor surfaces, counters, cash registers, toilets must be kept clean and disinfected regularly during the day.

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