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New SIM card found in Orestis’ pants

Prison guards find SIM card in trousers destined for convicted serial killer


Prison guards discovered another SIM card in a pair of trousers destined for convicted serial killer Nikos Metaxas during a family visit.

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According to local reports, Metaxas’ mother and sister went to visit the convicted killer at Nicosia Central Prisons, where he is serving seven life sentences for the murders of five women and two children.

While the approved and supervised family visit was taking place, prison guards also went over articles of clothing that the family brought for Metaxas, also known as Orestis on social media. At one point, a prison guard discovered a SIM card in one of the pockets of the trousers that were destined for Metaxas, promppting the visit to be immediately halted and the card confiscated.

Reports said the SIM card in question was not among the items found or examined by police during the investigation

It was not clear whether the SIM card had any connection to the serial killer case. Some media reports said Metaxas described the item as long-forgotten in one of his pockets while his mother and sister said they did not know there were any items inside the pocket.

Additional reports said the SIM card in question was an item that had not been found or examined by police during the investigation. A mobile phone is still missing in the serial killer case, with police saying the device belonged to Orestis and could possibly have contained incriminating evidence.

Previous reports said Metaxas used his mobile phone to record video footage of women while having sex in his car, including at least one of his slain victims.

Another young woman and aspiring model has accused Metaxas of rape, while claiming he had recorded the incident with his phone. He has denied the rape allegations, maintaining that sex was consensual.

Police said they believed there were no more slain victims in the case, based on Metaxas’ confession and lack of other evidence. However, foreign experts believe the killer had time to destroy evidence while it is not clear whether the new SIM card could re-open the investigation.

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