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Newly-arrived Syrian suspected of terrorism

Cypriot police detain Syrian suspect on national security grounds, fast-track deportation likely


A Syrian national who has been arrested on terrorism-related charges is facing deportation, after migration officers said they suspected the man of posing a security threat.

According to local media, a 32-year-old Syrian man who arrived in Cyprus recently was flagged for further inspection during an interview with migration officials.

Reports said migration officials became suspicious over the man’s answers during an interview, which was also attended by law enforcement officers who were conducting a security-based assessment.

If the suspect decides not to file for asylum, his deportation could be fast-tracked and he would be blacklisted on suspicion of terrorism

Police sources told Knews on Friday morning that the suspect was not on any terrorist watch list. But according to Philenews, the suspect’s name was found in a terror-associated database of other countries that are partners in the fight against terrorism.

“Based on the answers he gave and the overall impression, it was decided to call in CID Larnaca, with the foreign national being detained on national security grounds,” Philenews said.

The Syrian suspect is currently being held on a court warrant that was issued earlier this week. Knews understands the suspect could still choose to file an asylum application. Media sources said if he decides not to file a case, his deportation could be fast-tracked and he would be blacklisted on suspicion of terrorism.

Cyprus is considered a low-risk destination country for terrorists, but officials remain on high alert for suspects transiting to Europe who may pass through the island.

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