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Syrian refugees reach Larnaca by boat

Nearly three dozen Syrian refugees reach Cyprus by boat, passengers include babies and young children


A boat with over 30 presumptive refugees from Syria reached Larnaca on Tuesday, following a trip that is believed to have originated from a Middle Eastern country.

According to Cyprus News Agency, police were notified about a boat with 33 passengers that was spotted off the coast of Larnaca on Tuesday around 12 noon. The boat was said to have started the trip from a Middle Eastern country according to CNA.

About half an hour later, a Coast Guard vessel pulled alongside the boat where they found 32 Syrians and a Lebanese national onboard. Additional reports said the passengers included 17 adult males, 6 adult females, 2 children, and 8 infants.

The boat was pulled to shore around 2:30pm according to CNA, where all passengers went through a police inspection.

All passengers were taken to a Larnaca Migration facility and were scheduled to be transferred to a reception centre in Kokkinotrimithia, Nicosia district.

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