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Three dead in helicopter crash near Greek island

Greek pilot, two Russian passengers die in helicopter crash in Greece, power outages reported in the area


A helicopter crashed near a Greek island resort Tuesday, killing two Russian passengers and the Greek pilot while causing power outages after electricity lines were damaged in the crash.

Greek authorities said the three bodies were recovered by navy divers at the crash site in shallow waters near the main port of Poros, an island 37 miles south of Athens. The victims, all men, were identified as the Greek pilot aged 57 and two Russian passengers aged 56 and 24.

Reports said the helicopter, a privately chartered Agusta A109, had taken off from a mainland area near Poros and had been due to land at Athens International Airport. A flight plan had been filed for Athens International Airport with a Galata stopover to get two passengers, according to reports.

Mobile generators from the army and public utilities were being sent to Poros to restore power to parts of the island. Full repairs to its electrical system were not expected until Wednesday.

The story is based on reports from AP and CNA

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